Last updated 11/5/18

When you create a ticket, please be as specific as you can: this will help our support and engineering teams resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • A description of the issue: please be sure to include what happened/what you saw and also what you expected to see/experience
  • Where you were in EduNav when you experienced it (plan screen, trying to find a student in the advisor dashboard, etc.)
  • If you saw the issue while looking at a student plan, the student ID of the student (so we can try to recreate the issue on our side)
  • A screen shot, if possible
  • Your view of the importance of the issue (which can range from “all students cannot register” down to “would be a nice feature to see at some point), and
  • The best way to contact you. If you want us to call you, and you’re not sure if we have your direct number, please include it.


It’s tempting, especially in critical situations, to ask (or demand) EduNav open a ticket for you. It’s vital, however, that you open it yourself. You experienced the issue: you have first-hand knowledge of what you saw, and you know how the level of importance this issue has at your institution. If EduNav support creates the ticket for you, it’s very possible we will miss an important piece of information, which will inevitably delay our ability to resolve the issue.